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  1. There is nothing worse than hearing noises in your attic and knowing that something, squirrels, rats, or worse is up there. We were extremely fortunate to have been given Lowell’s name when we called a few local pest control companies.

    Lowell came out that day and not only immediately found the point of entry, but was amazed that we were his first ever home with skunks in the attic. (Only because they had access to walk onto the roof)

    Lowell identified how many we had and set up a series of live animal traps, which successfully captured them all within a few days. We had him release them after repairing the entry point.

    Lowell loves animals and is a very kind individual who knows a tremendous amount about animals, and how to outsmart them. We enjoyed meeting and working with Lowell which actually turned out to be a great learning experience as well as a successful eviction of our unwanted attic guests.

    I would recommend him to anyone for any type of small animal issue you might have. He is kind, reliable and his prices are more than reasonable. After meeting him you can tell that he takes each situation personally, and treats his customers and the animals with the highest respect.


  2. I truly cannot say enough great things about Lowell! We sold a house in Corona and in the process discovered we had an opossum living in our attic! Lowell came out the same day I called and confirmed our suspicions. Not only did he clean up the mess left by the animal, he set humane traps, and sealed every single entry point in our 4,600 square foot home’s attic over the course of the next several days. The opossum was ultimately trapped, and Lowell picked him up and released him into the wild. Lowell even sent us a video showing “our” opossum waddling out into the brush. Lowell called and texted numerous times over the next few weeks to ensure everything was fine, even to inquire how the home inspection went! He is a real gem, a very, very, very nice man, and his fees seem quite reasonable for the amount of time he spent with us. I gave his card to our real estate agent because he had no idea anyone like Lowell existed — he knew only about the pest control companies who were a real joke when I initially called to ask about having the opossum eradicated. One company even suggested that I contact Animal Control. Anyway, if you have a problem with wildlife infesting your home or property, call Lowell right away. You will NOT be sorry you did!


  3. Lowell is the BEST! Called him on Wednesday about a raccoon and her babies in our attic, he was out of town but gave us a suggestion to encourage them to leave the attic and by Friday when Lowell arrived, the Raccoon and her babies were gone! He then found 5, yes 5 points of entry to our attic which he secured to prevent further entry from any type of animals. He thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the animals potty area removing all traces of our furry unwanted guests. We highly recommend Lowell. He is very thorough and checked every nook in our attic. Don’t waste your time or money on anyone else. He showed up on time and was a pleasure to work with. If we ever need to have animals removed I will not hesitate to call Lowell again! High quality service with affordable pricing; what else can I say?? =)


  4. We live in Claremont near the hills. A squirrel had fallen into our attic but we had no idea what was causing the ruckus. Raccoon? Possum? Rat? Animal control could only loan us traps and I’d already paid for (and fired) a pest control guy who wanted to set traps and shoot any wild animal he spied with a pellet gun.

    Luckily I found Lowell. He came out right away, crawled into every nook and cranny of our attic, and tiptoed all over our tile roof. He found a small opening in a vent that the poor squirrel had fallen into. After the squirrel got out, he sealed the vent. His fee was very reasonable and he was a pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough good things about Lowell and his humane way of treating wild animals.


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