Skunks Removal

skunks removal

 Skunks Removal, Trapping and Exclusion

Skunks are infamous for their foul smelling spray, and it makes skunks removal particularly tricky. A skunks spray is actually a liquid produced by two glands under its tail. These glands are surrounded by strong muscles that control the direction of the spray, allowing them to accurately hit a target up to ten feet away. This put together with the intensity of smell allows skunks to deter predators as big as bears!

Unfortunately, a skunks’ natural defenses make them a nuisance to homeowners and makes skunks removal necessary. Even if you don’t come into contact with a skunk, the human nose can smell a skunks spray up to a mile away. This means if they’re on your property, you will smell them. But its not just the smell that’s a problem. Coming into direct contact with a skunks’ spray can cause temporary blindness and skin irritation. That’s true for your pets too.

If a skunk tries to gain entry to your home, it will likely go in your crawlspace. This is because skunks are poor climbers and therefore can’t access attics. But because they are excellent diggers and can get through any opening as wide their head (which is particularly small, about the size of a handball), they can easily get under a weak point to access your crawspace. Simply placing a rock or heavy object in front of their entry point won’t deter them, as skunks are very persistent and tenacious, and will eventually get around it.

Damaged Pipework Caused by Skunk

Damaged Pipework Caused by Skunk

Once a skunk is in your crawlspace it can cause quite a bit of damage. Like other nuisance animals, they will shred your flexible ductwork and insulation for bedding, or simply out of curiosity. They will also dig inside your crawlspace and throw dirt on the wood that makes up your foundation. If left there, overtime the dirt can cause the wood to mold and rot, which can be costly to replace.

To avoid these damages, you need professional skunk removal. Repellants, such as coyote scent based granules sold found in hardware stores, might temporarily work on other animals, but there is no effective repellant on the market that works against skunks. The extreme discomfort caused by a skunks spray, and a skunks’ extraordinary digging abilities coupled with its persistency to reenter your home make professional skunks removal essential. Only a professional can ensure a skunk is handled properly to avoid spraying, and that any exclusion work done will keep skunks out of your home in the future.

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