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Raccoon Removal, Trapping, and Exclusion

raccoon removal


Raccoons are intelligent and inquisitive animals, but unfortunately also very destructive, which is why raccoon removal is our most popular service.


 Raccoons Outside Your Home

Even outside of your home, on your property, raccoons can cause problems. Raccoons will dig into flowerbeds and lawns to get grubs and worms to eat, leaving your yard a disaster. They also have a tendency to ‘play’ with objects such as lawn ornaments or patio furniture, destroying it in the process.

The feces they leave in your yard can also present a danger. Most raccoons are host to the parasite Baylisascaris procyonis, more commonly known as the raccoon roundworm. These parasites live in raccoons stomach and shed eggs that are expelled in the raccoons waste. Pets and children that come into contact with raccoon feces in your yard can contract the parasite themselves and become very ill.

Lawn Damaged by Raccoon

Lawn Damaged by Raccoon

Raccoons Inside Your Home

If that isn’t enough to warrant raccoon removal from your property, once a raccoon begins to frequent your property, it could try to make its den in your home. Raccoons are excellent climbers and incredibly strong for their size. This allows them to easily access and get through defects in vent screens, roof intersections, sub-access doors, and other vulnerable areas.

Usually raccoons looking to get into your home will be pregnant mother raccoons looking for a safe place to give birth and raise her kits. An average litter is 3-5 kits, and a mother raccoon will remain in one spot with them for 3 months before they are old enough to travel with her.

Ductwork Damage Caused by Racoons

Ductwork Damage Caused by Racoons

One of the most prevelant issues this creates is that they will defecate in a designated area called a ‘latrine’, which can cause contamination, and if the raccoons are in your attic, seep through and cause stains on ceilings.

Mother raccoons are extremely protective, and urban raccoons in general are extremely bold around humans. Because of this, they can present a danger, and therefore should only be dealt with by a professional trained in raccoon removal.

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