Feral Cat Removal

 Feral Cat Removal, Trapping and Exclusion

 Feral cats are undomesticated cats that show hostilely towards humans and other animals. They are often confused with stray cats, which are only cats that have run away or been abandoned, but still have good socialization skills. Unlike stray cats, feral cats act very aggressively and cannot be tamed. Feral cat removal is necessary in keeping your home or business a safe and disease free environment. Allowing them to take up residence on your property can quickly get out of hand, as they tend not to be spayed or neutered, and repopulate at an alarmingly quick rate. If you do currently have a feral cat, or cats, on you property, do not feed them, as this will only entice other nuisance wildlife to your business or home.


Damages caused by feral cats are not to be taken lightly. In fact, most of the damage is quite serious. Their feces are toxic and can easily make their way into an air system, which can cause a variety of serious illnesses. Feral cats are infamous for destroying insulation in crawlspaces and/or attics. Feral cats can also pass dangerous, or even fatal, diseases onto other domesticated cats. Needless to say, Feral cat removal should be performed quickly upon an infestation.

Spotting an infestation is pretty straight forward: if you see either a reoccurring feral cat, or their feces, near or around your property, you most likely have an infestation.


At Lowell’s Wildlife Removal, we always perform humane removals — whether that be a Feral cat removal or otherwise. In order to remove feral cats from your property, we will capture them in a baited humane cage trap, and transport them to an animal shelter. Once there, the shelter will do their best to find them a new and happy home, such as a farm in need of mice hunters.

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