Dead Animals

Dead Animal Removal

 Dead animals are a unsightly and upsetting part of life that no one wants to deal with. A decomposing corpse smells and appears extraordinarily foul. Along with the smell, dead animals bring with them numerous other nuisances, such as maggots and flies. Apart from the disgusting nature of it all, dead animals could cause serious disease in humans or other animals. Dead animal removal is not only gross, but can be tricky too as dying animals will often try to find a safe place, like in your walls or crawlspace, in which to perish.

Leaving a decomposing animal in you home or business for too long can lead to lingering odors that are hard to get rid of, and will cause for unsanitary living conditions. This is not only unsafe for you, but all those around you as well. Dead animal removal is a necessary act, and should be done so with speed and caution.

Knowing you have a decomposing animal in your home or place of business is fairly obvious. There is a distinct foul odor that any kind of dead animal gives off. Along with the odor, you may notice a surplus of flies in and around your home, most commonly concentrated on one area. In extreme cases, an animal may crawl into your ceiling to die and begin to decompose there. If this happens, you will most likely notice a discernible sag in your ceiling, and a secretion of fluid.

If you call us in need of dead animal removal, we will come to inspect your property, locate the dead animal, and make sure there are no others. We will then remove the carcass, sanitize the area, and seal off all other entry points, so that you will never have to deal with a decomposing animal body again.

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