Coyote Control

Coyote Removal, Trapping, and Exclusion

FullSizeRender-8Coyotes are often thought of as a threat by both animals as well as humans, this notion is not wrong. Coyotes can present real dangers to your other pets, such as cats and dogs. They are becoming increasingly bold and daring when encountered by a human, only creating a continuous nuisance for everyone. Coyote removal it is an intricate and time-consuming process, but is far from unachievable.


It can sometimes be unclear when you need to enlist someone for coyote removal, because they will not continuously stay on a property. Although they may not take up residence on your property, if a coyote finds a good food source (ex. chickens, or dog and cat food, etc.) they will constantly to return to that location. One of the biggest dangers this presents, is the possibility that they might hunt and consume other domestic animals around the area, or cause harm to the residents.

To be sure you have an infestation, you might see a coyote in either the day or the night. You may also hear them howling, which is most common after night fall. Another distinct feature of the coyote, is their ability to jump over fences up to 6ft tall, rendering most fences more or less useless. Therefore, even if you have a fence surrounding your property, do not discount the possibility of a coyote infestation, and the need for coyote removal.

Coyote Tracks

Coyote Tracks

While coyotes are very difficult to trap as they are so weary, we have successfully and safely trapped them on numerous occasions. We do not use a cage trap, as they are too intelligent and will avoid it, but instead we use a humane canine capture device (as seen in video) for coyote removal. From there, we transfer them into a animal carrier and off your property!



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