Pigeon Removal

pigeon removalPigeon Removal and Exclusion

Pigeon removal and other unwanted birds can be the most frustrating of a wildlife nuisance problems.

They are difficult to remove because of the myriad of federal laws limiting what types of removal methods that are permissible, and because they tend to nest in difficult to reach locations.

Also, bird dropping can pose a serious health risk to humans and noises from birds are a constant source of irritation to homeowners.

In the pigeon removal process you must take in to account all federal and state laws.

Mostly all birds are protected by state/federal law except pigeons, house sparrows and European starlings. It’s against the law to kill any other species of birds without a special permit.

It’s illegal to cause the death of a protected bird indirectly, or tamper with the nests of birds if there are eggs in them.

For these reasons, pigeon removal can be very complicated, as any removal procedures must be in compliance with these protection laws.

The experts are Lowell’s Wildlife Removal is specially trained and licensed to deal with these and other issues you may have.

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