Bat Exclusion

Bat Exclusion Should Be Done By A Professional

There is no such thing as a bat trap, but with professional expertise, bat removal can be accomplished through bat exclusion.

It should be noted, bat exclusion work should only be done September through April, when baby bats born in the preceding mating season are old enough to fly.

Otherwise, the baby bats will be trapped and die in your attic.

First, all entry points are sealed, except for a 3 inch opening.

A special bat exclusion door that bats can get through going out but not in is then fitted to the 3 inch opening. It will take about a week for the entire colony to leave.

Your attic will then be reinspected, and if all bats are gone, the last 3 inch opening will be sealed.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough this work must be done by an experienced professional, as bats only need an opening a size of a nickel to reenter your attic if its not properly sealed off.

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