Animal Exclusion

Animal Exclusion & Repair Work  

What makes our work unique is our animal exclusion service. Removing an animal from your home is only treating a symptom- Lowell’s Wildlife Removal addresses the cause by finding and securing the animal’s entry point. There are several common places an animal will use to get into your home:

Animal Exclusion

Damaged Vent Screen Repair Before/After

Damaged Vent Screens

When a service technician (from a cable, phone, or HVAC company) does work on your home, they will often run wires, tubing, and pipes through your vent screen to avoid creating a new opening. This can leave your vent screen damaged or weakened, with open space for animals to get through.

Sub Access Doors

If you have a raised foundation, animals could access your crawlspace through your sub access door. A standard sub-access door is damaged over time through rust and wood rot, leaving it weak enough for an animal to exploit and gain entry into your home.

Roof Intersections

Usually when two rooflines meet, there is a gap that allows an animal access into your home. Builders generally do not seal these during construction if they aren’t noticeable.

Animal Exclusion

Renovated Sub Access Door

Our Animal Exclusion Work

Lowell has over 35 years of construction and carpentry experience to use when doing a consultation on your home to determine what work needs to be done to keep animals out. In edition to animal exclusion work, we also repair the damage done by animals and wear, and do preventative maintenance to reinforce what’s not damaged.

The best part is our commitment to make our work disappear, without sacrificing effectiveness. We blend our animal exclusion and repair work with what already there so its unnoticeable. We also use element resistant material, like galvanized metals, pressure treated wood, and concrete,  so that our work will last and be maintenance free.

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